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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3!

What have Year 5/6 been up to I hear you ask ... take a look below ... 

April 2019


Two children from Class 3 took part in the ‘Cumbria Youth Climate Change Summit’ in Carlisle on Thursday 18th April. They had to present the views of their peers in a 2 minute presentation to the conference. Everyone is really passionate about this subject in Class 3 and so now we are going to channel our views into developing and writing balanced arguments. 



Year 5 made the most of the nice weather last week and used our wonderful outside space to create an Easter garden. Class 3 have also been developing their knowledge of the Easter story and creating some fantastic recounts from a bystanders point of view. We concluded our week with a lovely Easter service at Holy Trinity church. 




March 2019


We were very lucky to recently work with Hannah and Ellie from Dove Cottage, who came into school on Monday 25th March to deliver a very information workshop on William and Dorothy Wordsworth. We enjoyed looking at the diary entries written by Dorothy, which inspired William to write his poem ‘Daffodils’.

Using this workshop as our catalyst, we then spent the week learning about figurative language, analysing the poem and diary entries, creating our own descriptions based on our school grounds before finally writing first-person narratives 📝 



On Monday 4th March, we had a very special visitor in school to work with our KS2 pupils, Biyane the Viking! He taught us how hard life was for Viking men and women by showing us how to grind wheat, make butter and catch wild boar!! He then explained all about Viking weaponry and let some of us have a go striking our own coins. This exciting day will help us to create some brilliant pieces of work, which we will post on here in due course smiley







We were very fortunate to have Jim (from the amazing Chesters by the River) come into school to work with our Year 6 boys on Friday 1st March. He taught them all about baking sourdough bread and the differences between textures and flavours of shop-bought and handmade bread. Yum yum!





February 2019


On Wednesday 27th, we were fortunate to work with Katie Hale, a poet working with Wordsworth Trust. She inspired us to write our own riddles about everyday objects after we spent time thinking of all the possibilities of a seemingly ordinary top hat!




On Tuesday 12th February, 10 children from Key Stage Two took part in a friendly Judo festival in Kirkby Lonsdale. We enjoyed learning lots of new skills and meeting other children from different schools.




On the 8th February we had a very special visitor in to school. Taffy Thomas came in to share lots of stories and riddles with us. We particularly enjoyed his local tales.




We really enjoyed our first cricket session with coach Jonathon. What a beautiful day to be learning new skills and enjoying the great outdoors.



January 2019


We love whole school learning on a Friday afternoon!