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Sculpting with nature
Spring 22

We were visited by a local artist who taught us techniques with clay. Beech class created some bird baths, mountain scene tiles and vase displays for our sensory garden. We use natural materials to print into the clay. 


What makes the Langdale Valley unique?

Beech class have been exploring our local valley to discover what makes our area unique. We have also been comparing it to the United Arab Emirates and contacting a old friend who lives there. 

The children have explored a local farm and learnt all about Herdwick sheep and why they are most suited to this land. We learned that the fells really effects the weather in the Valley, causing it to be a lot darker, colder and rainier! Due to this the land is suitable for many crops or animals. The Herdwick sheep were farmed here by the local Monks in the 15/16th century and the farming has continued since then. 


In contrast,  we called our old teacher who now lives in Dubai to find out about life in the Middle East. We found out how the heat effects the type of farming and animals kept in the area. We also learned about how tourism is a large part of Dubai life, with the tallest building in the world! 

Trains, planes and automobiles! 

This half term Beech Class have been focusing on the question 'What vehicle has changed the most over time?'

We started by looking at the Victorians and the impact of that era on transport. Next, we focused on the history of the bicycle and decided we are glad the Penny Farthing is no longer popular! 
We had a wonderful trip to the local Lakeland Motor Museum in Haverthwaite to see vehicles in person from the 1800's to the futuristic DeLorean and the super fast Bluebird. For our final DT product we designed our own moving vehicles. 

What vehicle do you think has changed the most over time? 

Chinese New Year!


On Chinese New Year Beech went all out and learned all about the story of the New year and some. We learned how to write in Mandarin, how to speak some key words in Mandarin and also about key symbols in the Chinese culture. The children focused on the importance of the Blossom tree, to the Chinese, these symbolize courage, hope, beauty, purity, and prosperity.

Next, we learned a poem off by heart and the year 2's recited it to the class, practicing their tone and acting skills! Year 3 and 4 created their own poems about the strong and fierce Tiger. 



Autumn 2


In mathematics this term we have been practicing our counting, rounding and adding with money. We enjoyed visiting the local shop to buy some ingredients for a science experiment and working out the correct prices. 

Autumn 2 


This half term Beech Class have been looking at the question: What would life be like without maps? 

As part of our learning we have completed orienteering in PE, created our own island maps and read learnt all about the geography of the UK by looking at political and physical maps. The children have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the atlas' and finding our schools on the local OS maps of Cumbria. 


Autumn 1

What a wonderful few weeks it has been with Beech Class. Over the last few weeks we have enjoyed exploring our topic question “Why do we celebrate bonfire night?”

We have explored life in Stuart England and why Guy Fawkes and his plotters were so angry. We have met our local Member of Parliament Tim Farron, who answered some questions about what it is like working in Parliament today.

In science we have been exploring states of matter and have been conducting experiments on melting, freezing and evaporation leading on to learning about the water cycle.

The adults in Beech class this term will be:
Miss Minton- Class teacher
Mrs Scott =Teaching Assistant
Mr Pegg- Senior Teaching Assistant


Beech class had an amazing time at the overnight camp! They started the day with lots of fun activities at High Close and then came back to school and set up their tents in the back field.

After that, we had our dinner and headed to the campfire area for toasted marshmallows and hot chocolate. The next day, we headed to Brockhole on Windermere and had lots of fun on the Treetop nets! 

Trip to Cathedral Caves....

April 2020

The Great Fire of London: News report

March 2020

Sunflowers growing...

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As part of our plants science topic, Year 1 and 2 grew their own sunflowers. We watched them grow before sending them home to be planted in the children's gardens.
December 2020
We finished the term with a week full of festivities, such as our Christmas lunch at Wainwrights, a party with Oak class, making decorations and delivering Christmas cards to local care homes.

To continue our Science work, we tested the suitability of different materials as an outfit for an ice man. We tested which materials could prevent the ice men from melting for the longest amount of time. Lots of super ideas shared about how to ensure we kept it a fair test. Well done Year 1 and 2!


November 2020
This half term, Year 1 and 2 have been learning about materials in Science. We completed an 'egg drop experiment' to look at which everyday materials could provide the most protection for the egg. We made predictions and compared these to the results. Great work Beech Class!

Happiness is... dancing with the autumn leaves!

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We had lots of fun running our own 'Environment Day' at school! We managed to complete lots of the conservation activities from our Skill Tree Passports, such as making bird feeders and raising environmental awareness, as well as taking part in a nature themes webinar from WWF. 
To celebrate 'Outdoor Classroom Day', Beech class spent the morning out in the forest. We spend time reflecting on the natural environment around us. We used our thoughts and ideas as a basis for some super descriptive writing about why the natural world is so wonderful. 
October 2020
Year 1 children made their own outdoor number line!
Year 1 found some leaves and beech nuts and used these to help them with their addition work during maths.
September 2020
Using sticks outside to identify 'greater than' and 'less than' in maths.
Beech class enjoyed taking part in an obstacle course as part of their PE warm up. This course really tested our balancing skills!
This half term we are looking at the text 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers. The children have enjoyed lessons both inside and outside the classroom as we have been looking at using descriptive language to enhance our writing. Great work Beech Class! 
We had lots of fun exploring our school grounds for mini-beasts and creatures in our science lesson! We also did some tracking to find evidence of different animals that had been in the forest. 
Wow, what a busy first week back at school! It has been great to see lots of familiar faces returning as well as welcoming some new children into Beech Class. This week we have spent lots of time getting to know each other and talking about our hopes and aspirations for the forthcoming academic year. The children have also enjoyed lots of outdoor lessons such as Maths, English, PE, Science and Art. What a brilliant start to the year! yes
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