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Mission Statement and School Values

Mission Statement


At Langdale Church of England School we recognise that education has the power to change and shape lives. We aim to inspire and engage our children throughout their time with us, providing them with the skills and experiences they need to become confident, lifelong learners in an ever-changing world.


Langdale Values


Understand Others


Reflect & Improve


Challenge Yourself



The fundamental elements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum filter through each stage of a child’s learning journey, developing through experiencing, problem solving, exploring, risk-taking and decision-making in a safe, supportive and invigorating environment. This approach develops freedom of spirit, independence of mind and responsibility for learning amongst our pupils.


Our school is entirely inclusive, with respect and tolerance at its core. We celebrate the diversity within our community and further afield, collaborate with others and allow individual skills, talents, interests and beliefs to flourish.


We have a breath-taking, unique, rural setting in which our children are fortunate to learn and grow. As a staff team, we maximise opportunities to learn outside the classroom, promote sustainability and have a positive impact on the local and wider environment. Our children learn in and about the rural landscape and develop skills and understanding to play a role in its protection and development.   All children are immersed in the awe and wonder of nature in its infinite forms, providing inspiring experiences, adventure, connection and enthusiasm for learning that will last a lifetime.


All we do is strongly entrenched in our school’s Christian ethos. We maintain strong links with the Church of England, teaching our children to be generous in heart, mind and soul, to have respect for all God’s creatures, and to be mindful of others, compassionate and kind.


Our school aims to be a centre for learning excellence during the school day and beyond, driving the standards of teaching and academic achievement through a broad and enriched curriculum that provides unique, enlivening experiences for pupils, their parents and carers and staff.


In our small, friendly, caring and creative school our ‘Langdale Values’ are fundamental to all we do. Not only does every child matter, but every child can make a difference. We will look for, identify, fulfil and extend potential in its many, varied forms.


Every Child is Valued. No one left behind.

Education in its broadest sense is not just about delivering a curriculum.  It is about giving children the chance to extend their life skills.  It is about developing their confidence.  It is about fostering their resilience and sense of responsibility. 

And – let us not forget – it is about the enjoyment, engagement and excitement of venturing out into the real world, with all its capacity for uncertainty, surprise, stimulation and delight.”              

Tim Gill, Nothing Ventured