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Art and Design

Through our relationship with local secondary schools, Maple class ventured to the Lakes School's Art department. The children created their own bowls using clay and then set about decorating them in an Indigenous Australian style. They were keen to incorporate the theme of a 'Journey' and see their piece of art as a storytelling device. Careful consideration was given to the use of tools whilst constructing and shades of colour when painting.

As one of their projects, Maple researched, designed, made and evaluated Stone Age structures. It is wonderful to see the children choosing great materials and tools to create the best they can.

Langdale children explored modern art at the local Merz Barn gallery and then created their own. The children also put their watercolour paintings of the valley up on display. 

Can you guess the iconic, historical inspiration for our houses?

Oak class practiced their observational drawing in our outdoor field facing Lingmoor Fell. 

Oak class created their own drawing charcoal using willow from the sensory garden.

With a visit from a local artist, the children created bird baths for our sensory garden. Using clay, they developed different methods of manipulating the material.