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Ofsted inspect schools to provide information to parents, to promote improvement and to hold schools to account for the public money they receive.

When Ofsted has judged a school to be good or outstanding they will then normally go into the school about once every four years to confirm that the school remains good or outstanding and that safeguarding is effective.

Inspectors will make graded judgements on overall effectiveness and the four key judgements:


  • the quality of education
  • behaviour 
  • gaming and off-rolling
  • pupil's wider personal development
  • workload
  • safeguarding


Inspectors use the following four-point scale to make all judgements:


  • Outcome 1 – the school continues to be a good/outstanding school. This is the most common outcome

  • Outcome 2 – the school was previously judged to be good and it remains so and there is sufficient evidence of improved performance to suggest that it might be judged outstanding if it received a section 5 inspection at the time of the section 8 inspection. 

  • Outcome 3 – the lead inspector is not satisfied that the school would receive at least its current grade if a section 5 inspection were carried out at the time of the section 8 inspection. 

  • Outcome 4 – the lead inspector has gathered evidence that suggests that the good or outstanding school may now be inadequate in one or more of the graded judgements under a section 5 inspection, and there are serious concerns about the quality of education, pupils’ behaviour or safeguarding.


Langdale CE Primary School is graded ‘Good’ with Ofsted inspectors noting that, "pupils are very proud of their school and they look forward to entering the building each day."  They recognised that "pupils, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) and those who are disadvantaged, flourish." 


Inspectors also highlighted the strength of our curriculum, noting that all pupils "engage in a wide range of outdoor learning opportunities that are carefully woven through the curriculum."


Please find below our most recent Ofsted report and relevant information from the Department for Education Performance Tables. 


If you are the registered parent of a child at the school, the school will send you a letter notifying you of the dates of the inspection. This letter provides you with details and options for providing your views.

Ofsted produce a Guide for Parents which provides more information.