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Friends of Langdale School

We are a group of parents, staff and members of the local community working together to raise funds, promote our school and offer a helping hand where needed.


Anyone can join and you can be involved as much or as little as you are able to offer.

We fund raise through working in partnership with;

  • the Langdale Timeshare and Brathay Trust by providing refreshments at their cycling and running events that are held in the local area throughout the year.
  • the school, by helping the children with designing Christmas cards which are professionally printed and then sold in local businesses throughout the area over the Christmas period.
  • with local businesses who support us by generously giving prizes for our  Summer fair and Christmas Raffles.

We provide support to the school through;

  • providing refreshments at key events that take place throughout the year such as the Christmas Play and End of Year celebrations.
  • financially through providing new equipment and help with funding trips for the pupils.


If you would like to be contacted about helping out at any of our events or within school then please send an email to


If you are a local business and would like to sponsor any of our events, please get in touch.


Forthcoming events 

Langdale Marathon & ½ Marathon - October 19th 2019

Christmas Pudding 10k and Gingerbread 3k  - Saturday 7th December 2019

What's that, a new Sandpit!


Last weekend a group of parents, pupils and past pupils gathered together and built a new sand pit.


Friends of Langdale School would like to thank the following people for making it happen.

George Wrigley for being available to open the school for us,

Phil Saunders for organising the wood delivery so quickly and efficiently,

Dan Sumner for the design,

Campbell Innes and Tod Coates for the construction,

Lucie Kelly, Emma Hodgson, Rob Taylforth and Karen Coates for helping with the unloading and loading of sand Zeke, Isobel, Roan, Matti, William, Eddie, Dylan, Owen, and Alaana for unloading and loading the sand and dismantling the old sand pit.

Past pupils Isobel, Ali and Theo for turning up on the day and helping out.


What’s Next?


FOLS really would like to get the back field, back to its former glory, yes it hasn’t just been a muddy patch for all of time.

If you can help support this project, then please let the school office know or alternatively email .

Tasks that we need help with are trees topping, branches chipping, soil removing, gravel spreading, topsoil spreading and grass turfing.

If you can help with sourcing or doing the following, then please let school know.

  • Tree Topping
  • Mini Digger and Driver
  • Mini Dumper and Driver
  • Suppliers of Gravel, Topsoil and Turf 


And most important of all plenty of volunteers with a lot of enthusiasm!


Thank you

Pop-up Cafe - 22nd June 2019

Pop-up Cafe - 22nd June 2019 1
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