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Christian Values

Central to life at Langdale are our 6 Christian values. These values underpin our school's vision for learners, staff, parents and the wider community.  These 6 values were decided with input from teachers, parents, governors and children and have evolved to be integral in all that we do.


In creating the Christian Values we recognised the great need for them to be rooted in biblical teaching. We want to help children understand what these values mean for us as people in an ever changing world and how Jesus' teachings around these values can help us to be valued members of society. Regardless of their personal faith, we hope that these values will help children evolve into well rounded and confident young people who know to aim high as they leave Langdale.


Children meet these values every day in their learning environments. Explicitly, these valued are explored through supporting biblical and secular stories in daily Collective Worship.


Please follow the links below to find out how our learners embody these values.