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Holy Trinity Church

Langdale CE School has strong links with Holy Trinity, our local church. A member of the Clergy carries out a weekly worship time in school and we regularly visit the church. We look forward to inviting parents and members of the school community to the church for half-termly celebrations such as Harvest, Christmas, Easter and our leavers assembly. We enjoy utilising these links across our curriculum. For example, using Holy Trinity as a jumping point of Oak Class' teddy bear parachutes, for Maple Class to study family histories or to study it's features as part of our KS2 RE lessons.


More information about Collective Worship at Langdale can be found here:

Our Church-Year 4, 5 and 6 Children

In churches there are many features. Some are wonderfully colourful and some represent Jesus and his followers. Here we will name many of the elements inside these holy buildings.

The Font: The font in Chapel Stile Holy Trinity Church is a beautiful monumental item. When not in use, the font has lovely flowers on top. The font is used to baptise babies and sometimes adults, inside the font there is holy water to wash away the sins from the person being baptised.

The Organ: The organ is traditionally played for hymns and sometimes weddings. It is similar to a piano and has big tubes which release the beautiful sound from within them.

Stained Glass Windows: The stained glass windows may tell stories about Jesus and his followers. Many are bright and colourful. Inside Chapel Stile’s church there is a stained glass window rarely found anywhere else in the whole world. The particular one which is rare features St Francis of Assis with bluebirds surrounding him and a red squirrel by his feet.

Pulpit: The pulpit is a raised platform and is used for preaching. The sermons are usually said by the vicar or the preacher. A preacher is a person who delivers sermons or lessons on religious topics to an assembly of people. It has a few stairs up towards it and often has flowers.

Altar: The altar represents the table used at the last supper. The altar is used in Holy Communion for blessings where Christians are fed bread and wine. The altar is also where the cross is placed to remind people how Jesus sacrificed himself for his people.

Lectern: The lectern is a little holder for someone to read the Bible. They usually read stories from the Bible for people to listen carefully to so everyone learns the way Jesus helped people and how he was the kindest man to step on Earth.

Pews: The pews are benches where the people who follow Jesus’s ways pray, listen and learn. In the past, in Whitby for example, some people rented out luxury pews with cushions and maybe even a fire place. The pews inside Langdale’s church are wooden and not luxurious.