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Langdale Little Learners

Welcome to the page for Langdale's Little Learners group. 


This is a free session every Friday morning for children from birth to come with their parents and have adventures with our Nursery and Reception children.


It is based outdoors in the school woods but we do also spend some time inside for stories and free play.

Autumn 2019


Thank you to all who have attended the sessions this term. We have had lots of fun and the children have had some fantastic learning experiences!


Here are some of the things we have done:


  • Made leaf crowns
  • Made woodland fairy houses
  • Created an outdoor zoo
  • Explored the woodland
  • Collected and sorted different leaves, seed pods and tree fruit
  • Experimented with ice
  • Toasted marshmallows on a fire
  • Constructed a well-built lean-to den
  • Found a slow worm
  • Gone bird watching
  • Walked across a tight-rope
  • Played with musical instruments