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Religious Education

At Langdale CE School we live by our school values:

  • Friendship

  • Compassion

  • Creation

  • Trust

  • Endurance

  • Thankfulness


These are embodied through our school's vision.


These values are integrated into our everyday teaching and learning. We also refer to them discretely in our collective worship and religious education lessons.


RE is a vibrant and exciting subject to teach. At Langdale School we follow the Cumbria Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. We teach our lessons by using and adapting the planning and advice in the syllabus and enrich it by the use of the Understanding Christianity resource. Our teaching shows progression through the year groups as children learn more deeply about and from religion. Our pupils have lots of questions and we strongly encourage curiosity (being willing to explore religious ideas through reflection, empathy and imagination), fairness (listening carefully to the views of others) and respect (recognising the needs and concerns of others). We are lucky enough to have easy access to our local church Holy Trinity which is a wonderful resource for learning more about Christianity.


As the children progress through the various units of work, their learning is assessed through a variety of methods e.g. teacher observation, pupil discussions and written work. As well as learning about religious beliefs and practices, we also learn through religion and apply principles to other aspects of life.


We teach religious education to all children in the school, including those in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

In the EYFS, religious education is an integral part of the topic work covered during the year. We relate the RE aspects of the children’s work to the relevant areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile which underpin the curriculum planning for children aged three to five.


The main religion which we focus upon is Christianity; we also learn about Buddhism and Islam and other religions through special festivals such as Hinduism at Diwali. We try to broaden our pupils understanding of living in a multi-cultural society by visits to and from people of other faiths.

Cumbria Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education

Understanding Christianity Overview

Langdale CE Primary - Religious Education Three Year Plan

Easter 2021

It was a very special Easter for the children at Langdale after having to celebrate remotely last year due to the first lockdown. All the children were so happy to be back with their classmates and teachers. We made the most of the sunshine by developing our learning about Holy Week through the creation of class Easter gardens. Normally we would mark Easter with a service at Holy Trinity church. However, due to the ongoing restrictions we decided to film a retelling of the Easter story which we could share with our community instead. We are proud to share it with you here.

Easter Gardens

Hanukkah Morning

In December, the children all enjoyed a morning learning about the Jewish festival of light - Hanukkah. Oak Class had made a Menorah and we lit it during our morning Worship. The children learned why Hanukkah is celebrated by listening to the story of the Miracle of the Oil in the Temple. They heard how Hanukkah is celebrated today by watching a short film about some British Jewish children. They learned about Judaism and the Star of David symbol associated with it before making their own Star of David sun catcher. The most popular part of the day was definitely the dreidel game. The children learned the meaning of the Hebrew symbols and how it helps Jewish children remember the story of Hanukkah.

Buddhism and Temple Trip

This half term we have been learning about Buddhism. We have been reading about their beliefs and have enjoyed watching videos of Buddhists talking about their faith. We have enjoyed hearing the story of Buddha and his teachings. We have compared the Buddhist precepts to the Christian Ten Commandments. Meditation is a really important part of the Buddhist faith and we have tried to practise it in school. After learning about Lung-ta (Tibetan Prayer flags) and Buddhist symbols and mantras, we made our own prayer flags and will hang them from the hill in our wood.


The culmination of our learning was a trip to the Buddhist temple near Ulverston. Before we went we learned how to behave in a Buddhist Temple and wrote a set of rules to follow so we could show respect when we got there. The whole school went on the trip. It was great to be able to share our learning with each other. The first thing we saw was a huge statue of Buddha Maitreya. We learned about the meaning of his gestures and symbols. We looked out for symbols we recognised such as the Wheel of Life. Next, we walked around to the temple. It was amazing to see it covered in golden decorations. Inside we took off our shoes and sat on cushions for a short meditation. Everyone sat still and quiet and enjoyed the peace. Our guide told us all about the statues, shrines and offerings. It was a wonderful opportunity to extend our learning from the classroom.

Bishop Emma's visit

Diwali Afternoon


The whole school enjoyed an exciting afternoon taking part of activities and learning more about the Hindu Festival Diwali. We made Diva lamps, made Indian sweets and ate Indian food, tried Bollywood dancing, learned the story of Rama and Sita and made colourful Rangoli patterns from dyed rice.