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At Langdale Primary School we wholeheartedly recognise the benefits of music within the school curriculum. 

We are delighted to be working towards our Music Mark as a school in recognition of our commitment to quality music education.


To teach music, we use our own bespoke 3 year plan from Charanga Music School. This gives children the opportunity to develop key music skills through singing and instrumental lessons. Children in EYFS-KS2 are given the opportunity to play recorder for at least 2 units per year.


Our Charanga units are interspersed with units that allow children to take music beyond the classroom. For KS2, this includes participating in Young Voices at Manchester Area. What an experience for our Langdale Leaners- please see highlights below!


We celebrate musical achievements with parents wherever possible. This has included nativity performances, singing at regular celebrations at church and holding 'home' Young Voices concerts to show our hard work to those who couldn't join us in Manchester. We also incorporate music into our trips wherever possible. This has included visiting the open air theatre in Scarborourgh, the Newcastle Theatre Royal pantomime and organising a whole school trip to see Robin Hood in Lancaster.


As a staff team, we are passionate about the cognitive benefits that music gives to children. Staff believe that when the alchemy of music is allowed to permeate throughout the school curriculum it has a positive impact on all aspects of the school's learning.


Young Voices 2022!

Uploaded by Becca Storey on 2023-10-09.

Langdale Performers

Langdale Primary School- Music 3 Year Plan