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October 2019

We have come to the end of our unit of work based on ‘The Clocktower’. Our final task was to write a first person narrative of the film. We were asked to write descriptively, including examples of different clauses and modal verbs. They turned our brilliantly!

In our PE lessons this half term we have been focusing on netball. We have learnt about the different passes, positions and rules of High5 netball. We have enjoyed developing our game play and strategies. 


In our English lessons, we have continued to study The Clocktower.

We have been creating back stories for the Perpetual Dancer using themes from fairytales. 

September 2019

This half term in our Humanities sessions  we will be looking at the challenge question ‘What qualities make a good leader?’

We will look at key leaders through time and develop our point of view on whether they showed good leadership qualities compared to others. 

In our English lessons we have been studying the film The Clocktower. We began by completing a VIPERS reading comprehension which made us question what was going on and make predictions to back up our answers. We then created story maps to plot the sequence and order of the story. 
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