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At Langdale, rich and stimulating texts are central to writing, reading and cross-curricular learning. Class teachers chose and share a high-quality class novel each half-term that links with the current school topic. The text is then used to teach a wide breadth of English curriculum skills, as well as cross-curricular links to other subject areas. This cross-curricular learning builds young learner's confidence and skills in writing in all aspects of the curriculum. Staff carefully teach children to reflect and 'up-level' their own work. This is aided through personalised feedback – both verbal and written. Children are given many opportunities to carry out extended pieces of purposeful writing for a range of different audiences. Our cyclical writing curriculum also gives children the opportunity to revisit and reaffirm prior learning, ensuring skills taught are committed to children's long term memory.


Teachers across the school bring reading to life for Langdale Learners through guided reading sessions, where children have the opportunity to share and discuss a text in more detail within small groups. Children also access regular reading comprehension sessions, where they practise the reading skills of predicting, clarifying, questioning and summarising. Teachers listen to children reading both in groups and individually to build up fluency and expression. Time is committed in every class timetable to daily 'class novel' time, allowing children to fall in love with a book as well as hearing teachers and staff modelling reading intonation and voice.


Phonics/ Early Reading


EYFS and KS1 children are taught phonics using the systematic, synthetic phonics programme 'Read Write Inc.' The 'Read Write Inc.' programme meets the higher expectations of the National Curriculum and uses effective assessment to accelerate every child's progress and ensure every child learns to read to the best of their ability. Alongside this programme, the development of children's phonic understanding is prioritised across our learning environments and experiences in the EYFS and KS1. See further links below for more information regarding the 'Read Write Inc.' phonics scheme.


This programme revolves around a rich and broad early writing and reading curriculum, ensuring every Langdale Learner develops a love of literacy from an early age. Children are exposed to rich, ambitious and diverse texts, which helps to frame learning across the curriculum. Teachers and support staff also listen to children read regularly and are able to offer 1:1 support to our youngest readers. Careful phonics and reading interventions are in place for children requiring extra support. Children are also read to in small groups or as a whole class multiples times throughout the day. Children are encouraged to ask and answer questions about the text to develop their comprehension skills. EYFS and KS1 children also partake in regular trips to Ambleside Library to encourage children to develop a love for reading in the real world.




Currently at Langdale, both KS1 and KS2 follow the 'Headstart' spelling programme to teach children common spelling patterns and word structures to embed learning. For further information about how your child will be taught spelling, please see year group spelling rule expectations from the National Curriculum linked below.


Accelerated Reader


We are delighted to be introducing the 'Accelerated Reader' programme for our KS2 children. This programme puts students in the driver’s seat with their home reading choices. Staff guide students, while engaging quizzes and activities help hone students’ reading skills with authentic practice—encouraging growth.


This programme is currently being established within school and will be available to children shortly. More information for parents will follow.

Langdale Learners- English Events

World Book Day- 2022

Langdale Learners develop a love of reading rich and valuable texts from the moment they begin in the Early Years. We look forward to sharing the joy reading brings to our children every year on World Book Day.


This year, we joined schools across the world to celebrate the 25th anniversary of World Book Day with the message to all children- 'you are a reader!' The day was filled with stimulating and exciting activities that fueled children's love of reading and imagination. 


A highlight was welcoming local author, Chloe Rebecca Wilson, to share her story 'The Mermaid of Loughrigg Tarn'. Children were certainly inspired following an afternoon of activities with her and learning about her journey to becoming a published author.


Children have also designed, researched and budgeted their ideas for a new library space within school. Maple Class showed their impressive computing skills when 'pitching' their plans to the rest of the children and staff. Lots of exciting ideas.... Watch this space!

World Poetry Day 2019: The Lost Words


During Autumn Term 1, the children visited Brockhole and experienced a fun-filled day based around the poetry book 'The Lost Words'. The children completed lots of different activities and then watched a spectacular performance in the forest of The Lost Words. As the children enjoyed this trip out so much, the whole school used this text to help us write some wonderful pieces of poetry on World Poetry Day. The children took inspiration from both the unique writing style of the author and the detailed illustrations to write their own poems and the results were fantastic! Well done Langdale Learners.

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