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Within Computing, the three strands of Digital Literacy, Information Technology and Computer Science are all embraced at Langdale School.


Pupils learn about E-Safety as part of Digital Literacy; understanding how information is gathered and stored in the modern world; and how they can keep themselves and their data safe.


Information Technology teaches us how to develop skills to connect with others across a range of technologies and software platforms. Using touch-screens as well as mice and keyboards develops fine motor skills, while selecting appropriate media allows us to create content such as text, presentations, artwork and film, to share our creativity with others. The constantly evolving technological landscape needs us to develop a love of learning and a willingness to try new things.


Through Computer Science, pupils are encouraged to explore by “tinkering”; as encountering errors promotes “de-bugging” to find solutions; often by applying logic. When students enjoy themselves and find activities fun and satisfying, they become more immersed in the topic which leads to deeper learning. We introduce key computer science themes of sequence; selection; decomposition and abstraction at an appropriate level from Years 1 through to 6. Age-appropriate, interactive resources are used alongside “unplugged” activities (away from screens) where concepts are reinforced. Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) is used whenever possible to cement essential skills such as: problem solving, perseverance, logic, collaboration and evaluation. These are transferrable skills which help build resilience and confidence across the curriculum.

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