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December 2020

To finish off the Autumn term, we have been looked at the all time classic 'A Christmas Carol'. We have explored the reasons why Scrooge felt the way he did about Christmas and made predictions about what the three spirits would show him. Finally, we concluded the piece of work by watching 'The Muppets Christmas Carol' to compare the two tales.



November 2020

We have really enjoyed reading our two class texts this half term. As part of our learning, we have been creating our own 'wonders' taking inspiration from both texts. So far we have written about what would power our own emporiums; a war themed room, in honour of Remembrance Day; added backstories for Sharpe and Mr Silver to the 'Library of Souls' and finally a new city engineered from our imaginations. Over the next few weeks we will finish our books by writing two final rooms: an acorn small world and a Christmas themed finale. 



23rd November 2020


This half term in Science, Year 5 and 6 have been looking at the topic 'Materials'. We have spent time recapping the properties of materials before investigating which materials work well as thermal and electrical conductors/insulators and which are soluble/insoluble. We have had to plan the experiments taking into account the principles of fair testing and revisiting our understanding of independent, dependent and controlled variables. When collecting our results we have created tables and graphs to show our data and analyse our results.



11th November 2020


Today we have been remembering our war heroes by taking part in a Remembrance service and by creating a display of handmade poppies on our school gate. We really enjoyed taking part in a webinar to learn about World War 1 and it definitely made us think about the sacrifices that were made.



9th - 13th November 2020


We enjoyed taking part in Maths Week 2020 by participating in lots of problem solving and reasoning activities throughout the week. We had to work as a team and really dig into our reserves of perseverance and resilience to tackle some of the problems presented to us. 



This half term we will be looking at the question, 'Who else lives in a world like ours?'


We will be studying the texts 'The Nowhere Emporium' by Ross MacKenzie and 'The Strangeworlds Travel Agency' by L.D Lapinski.



October 2020

14th October 2020


In our class text 'The Wild Way Home', the two main characters cooked hazelnuts on a fire... which gave us an idea - what could we cook on a fire? Cue lots of discussions about favourite camp fire cuisine and recipes. We finally settled on making soup and bread - from scratch! The end product was declared 'delicious'. Maple were able to identify lots of different learning taking place - from history and science through to maths and DT. The level of teamwork was brilliant to see and we also managed to tick lots off in our Skill Tree Passport! A very enjoyable morning in the woods!

7th October 2020


In RE, we have been looking at lots of different celebrations from around the world. Today, we looked at Sukkot (the Jewish harvest festival) and learnt about the Sukkah. Sukkahs are traditional made with 3 sides and all the materials used are natural. We decided that we would try and create our own miniature versions using materials found in our school grounds. 



September 2020

We enjoy going outside to complete various activities during the day. We often go outside to take part in problem solving challenges such as the 'Number Circle' and 'Build It Up'.




14th September 2020


Maple enjoyed a very pre-historic day with Ro from WoodMatters. We travelled back to the Stone Age where we discovered how to make Stone Age axes and cord, experienced working with copper, got creative pigment painting as well as developing our hunter gather skills. We also learnt about the Stone Age to Iron Age timeline and how skills and knowledge progressed during this time. A really brilliant day was had by all and it was such a great way to kick start our half term topic.

11th September 2020


In our art lessons, we have been looking at Stone Age paintings. We have looked at where they have been found and the meanings behind what was drawn. 

Using natural resources found within our school grounds, we created our own pigments before drawing hand prints and symbols on to the school building using moss and twigs.



This half term, Maple are studying The Stone Age with our questions being 'What can we tell about the Stone Age from what they left behind?'

We will be looking at the text 'The Wild Way Home' by Sophie Kirtley. Our class reading book will be 'Holes' by Louis Sachar.




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