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Maple ventured up Lingmoor Fell to identify different species of plants and evidence of animals. We were keen to embody the motto of "leave nothing behind" and so observed what they could see in nature. We documented this by taking photos and rubs of the specimens. From grand oaks to white bracket fungi, lots was to be seen! Although we didn't observe any mammals (beyond the abundance of sheep!), we were able to find lots of evidence of deer and horses from droppings and hoof impressions.

For a charity event, children in Oak explored reactions and measurements through baking. They discovered that different ingredients mixed together much easier than others. From this, discussions around experimenting with different quantities began.

The Circulatory System.


Year 5 and 6 explored the circulatory system by dissecting pig hearts and identifying key features. They concluded that, although more exciting, it was much more challenging to identify features in an actual heart compared to a diagram. Using this learning, we began to discuss how different lifestyles can impact on the health of our bodies.

Langdale CE Primary School does British Science Week!

Science with Langale learners

Seasonal changes within our local environment