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Websites for learning across the curriculum:

A website which provides full lessons for EYFS children is the Oak National Academy - Click here.


BBC Bitesize is a brilliant site which offers a wide range of subjects and games. They are aimed at KS1 children but have lots of interesting information which links to Early Years work - Click here.


Twinkl is also a really useful sites for all sorts of learning resources. They currently have a 'Parents Hub' section which gives advice for supporting your child with home learning. You can access this site here - Click here.


There are general three websites recommended for a range of activities for children birth to five years:

The government's Hungry Little Minds

The BBC's Tiny Happy People

Cumbria County Council's Time Together at Home


Reading: Read, read, read. Read new books or their old favourites and get the children to join in with the rhymes and repeated phrases.


If you want a new book but can’t get to the library, Cumbria Library offer free ebooks and audio books through BorrowBox - Click here.


There are also free ebooks at Reception level availble through Oxford Owl - Click here.


Phonics: At Langdale School we use the Read Write Inc Phonics scheme to teach children to read, write and spell. To find out more about it - Click here.


Teach your Monster to read is a fun, free online game - Click here.


Writing: If your child is writing or drawing please encourage them to hold their pencil as shown below for best control: We are still learning to use finger spaces between words.


Spelling: In reception spelling isn’t expected to be perfect, just sound words out using the sounds they know. We are still learning to use finger spaces between words.


Handwriting: If you are helping your child to write please encourage them to start their letters in the right place as it is much easier to learn it right from the start. See the chart below for correct formation.


Our maths activities follow the White Rose Scheme of work who have videos for home use - Click here.


We subscribe to Numbots to build maths fluency - Click here.


Cbeebies Numberblocks are fantastic for explaining the early maths concepts in a fun way - Click here.


Away from screens - sing lots of nursery rhymes with numbers in such as Five Little Ducks. For ideas - Click here.


Look out for numbers on walks or around the house. Look at clocks. Count things, add them together take some away. Share things our fairly. Play board games or make up your own.

Cookery is great for maths and science, so is a bubble bath.

Lego or other construction are good for developing maths skills and fine motor control.



Science in Oak Class means looking carefully at the world around them, asking questions and noticing changes and patterns. Children form ideas about the world and test them out. Science is looking at weather, seasons, different places, rocks, soil, plants and animals outside. Inside it could be observing a birthday candle or an ice cube melting, bubbles in the bath or toast turning brown. For some ideas of activities to try - Click here.


Religious Education: In the Early Years R.E. is about learning about people and communities through stories and activities. It is joining in with traditions and celebrations throughout the year - Click here.


Art: Drawing, get children to think carefully about the shapes and colours in what they are drawing. It doesn’t matter if they use pens, paint, crayons, chalk, pencils or a stick in the soil the most important thing is to keep trying.


PE: If you can get outside then games like what time is it Mr Wolf, throwing and catching different size balls, bowling at skittles or bottles, balancing along a line or rope, hopscotch, skipping chasing bubbles.

If you are inside put on some music and dance or move along with Go Noodle - Click here.

We also enjoy Cosmic Kids Yoga - Click here.


Computing: We subscribe to Busy Things which has educational games covering lots of different curriculum areas - Click here.

Learn to use a mouse pad or mouse by playing some cbeebies games - Click here. 



Life skills: Learn to do up a zip, tie a shoe lace, plait, tie a reef knot, make a sandwich.


Play dough is great for building finger strength. For a recipe - Click here.


Remember that for Early Years children, their work is play. The majority of their day should be spent in activities that they choose to do and you playing along with them will make the learning even better.