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At Langdale, history is taught through a topic-based approach. Teachers aim to provide pupils with a high-quality education, which allows them to develop a strong understanding of Britain's past and the wider world. History lessons at Langdale give pupils the opportunity to learn about historical figures, examine how and why things have changed and the opportunity to compare and contrast different time periods. 


Pupils learn a set of historical skills that will allow them to understand the history of Britain in a clear and chronological narrative, allowing them to see important events in time whilst also learning about significant events, people and places.

In both Key Stage One and Two, a range of key historical events and time periods are studied in accordance with the National Curriculum. Often, this is taught through a cross-curricular approach to embed the pupil's learning fully. 


By the end of each Key Stage, pupils should expect to know, apply and understand the matters, skills and processes specified in the relevant programme of study.

History Programmes of Study: Department for Education

Curriculum statement for the teaching and learning of History